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4 Layers of Protection For
Birds’ Health

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Many are unaware that thousands of birds die every year due to Salmonella and other bird diseases. Experts believe most get infected at dirty bird feeders and bird baths where birds congregate and rapidly transmit to others. Sadly, most typically die within a day or two of their contagion.

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I was excited when my first visitors found my feeder! I loved watching the birds frolicking in my
backyard. I loved their bright colors, their chirps and songs, and their optimistic energy during a much-needed time for activity and companionship.

In the Spring of 2021, there was a Salmonella outbreak that started in the Northwest and spread nationwide soon after. Thousands of birds died!

Birding experts recommended people should take down their bird feeders until the outbreak was over. Responsibly, I took down my feeders, but I missed my newfound friends and felt badly for my local birds scavenging for food to survive the cold weather.

Unfortunately, it appears these deadly events are becoming more common not less.

I decided I would try to find a way to both feed AND protect the birds I loved. I looked to buy a window bird feeder that would help protect my newfound friends from these awful bird-borne diseases.

I couldn’t find anything on the market that would adequately protect birds from spreading disease.
So I decided to design the first Window Bird Feeder with birds’ health in mind. I assembled a team and got to work. After about 4 months of design iterations and material research we found success! Finally, a better bird feeder designed specifically for bird health!

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It is called ClearView Deluxe Window Bird Feeder. We named it ClearView because as much importance we have in bird health, it must be attractive on the window and provides a 100% unobstructed view of your birds.

ClearView is the first Window Bird Feeder that provides 4 layers of protection for birds to provide the safest feeding environment available. How can that be?

ClearView’s 4 Layers of Protection:

​1)    An Easy to Clean Removable Tray Dishwasher safe so it won’t fall apart like others with glued
2)    A Textured PerchComfortable for the birds to perch and eat and placed low and close to the
seed so they stay on the perch instead of jumping in the seed
3)    A Clean Water SourcePhysically separated from the seed to keep it cleaner longer
4)    An AntimicrobialInhibits the growth of dangerous microbes like bacteria and mold  

Easy to Remove Tray

An Easy to Clean Removable Tray

Bird feeders need to be disinfected or sanitized regularly to effectively kill deadly microbes. Handwashing, unfortunately, does not kill Salmonella and other microbes. Other feeders use glued together pieces that fall apart in the dishwasher. Disinfecting via bleach is messy and time consuming, so people avoid doing it.

With ClearView, simply toss the removable tray in the top shelf of your dishwasher on sanitize cycle every 2-3 weeks (or if you ever see a sick bird). 

A Textured Perch

bird perch.webp
Textured Perch

We specifically designed the perch to be comfortable for birds to eat and stay on the perch instead of jumping in the seed. An infected bird or a bird that has stepped in bird droppings can cause a catastrophic event if they walk in the seed and contaminate it. We found other feeder perches are slippery and/or far from the feed, so many birds would just jump in the seed which can rapidly spread disease! We conducted a comparison study with ClearView and a competitive window bird feeder and found that ClearView reduced the instances of birds jumping in the seed by over 80%!

A Clean Water Source

Clean Water

We provide clean water for our pets. Birds need clean water too! Their alternatives may not be sanitary or healthy. Unfortunately, few feeders offer water as an option. The few that do place the water right next to the seed. Birds are messy and the water gets dirty quickly!

ClearView is uniquely designed to physically separate the water bays from the seed with an acrylic wall to keep the water cleaner longer! We also designed a dome roof to effectively channel rainwater to the water bays on the sides.

An Antimicrobial

Lab coat with petri dish.jpg

We successfully embedded an antimicrobial in our unique acrylic formula we call NatureCare®. The antimicrobial significantly inhibits the growth of dangerous microbes like bacteria and mold to keep your feeder cleaner between cleanings. It won’t wash or wear away and protects for the life of your feeder.

Thank you for caring about bird health!

We are thrilled with the unique health-focused design and have already received many fantastic reviews from our customers and an award as the Best New Bird Feeder of 2022 by Clearsightbirds.

“Leaping to the top of the list for 2022 is a new premium entrant, ClearView Deluxe for the cleaning and
safety features it delivers.”

As passionate bird lovers, we appreciate your concern to protect our feathered friends.

Because of the premium health design features, it costs a little more than other cheap feeders on the market. However, because of the injection mold process, antimicrobial, and the anti-yellowing properties it should last 2-3X longer than other feeders that generally have to be replaced every season.


So ultimately it is a better investment AND safer for your birds!

With ClearView you can feel confident knowing you are providing the safest feeding environment available.

Thanks for joining the cause for birds’ health. Together, we can make a difference one feeder at a time!

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