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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you design ClearView Deluxe?
A: For my first window bird feeder, I naively bought the “Top Seller” on Amazon. My high expectations soured quickly. It was awful! Basically, it was a rectangular acrylic box with glued-together acrylic pieces, and three suction cups which effectively blocked the view of the birds you want to see and photograph. It yellowed quickly in the sun, and I unceremoniously discarded it after only a few months. I knew I could design a better bird feeder for close-up viewing. And then in the process, we also added health protection features to keep birds safer from bird-borne diseases.

Q: What drove your passion for birdwatching?
A: Do you remember March 2020 when everything went on lockdown because of COVID? I decided to put a bird feeder in my backyard so I could attract some colorful visitors, as I am an “empty nester”. That single feeder turned into four, as I successfully turned my backyard into an aviary, and I was hooked by their natural beauty, grace, and optimistic energy, and they became like family to me. My dominant Cardinal male I named “Fred”, along with his mate, “Sally”. There’s also “Kylo” Wren, “Peanut” the Brown Thrasher, and “Tuxedo” the Black-Capped Chickadee. That’s why I became determined I would help protect them in my design for ClearView Deluxe—I wanted to keep my bird friends safe and healthy! Join the cause for bird health!

Q: Will your suction cups hold to my window?
A: We use 4 premium Performance Ring® suction cups. Since they are off-set, they provide a better hold than other “in-line” models. We strongly recommend you thoroughly clean your window with glass cleaner prior to mounting for the best hold. Periodically “burp” them to remove air and optimize the hold. A good tip is to wipe your fingers beneath your eyes and apply the oil to the suction cups. Try it! It works! We guarantee ClearView will hold to your clean window. I’ve personally had a 12 pound raccoon hanging from a prototype. He’s adorable! See the YouTube video.


Q: Should I be concerned about bird window strikes by bringing birds up-close?
A: A Window Feeder actually provides context to the location of the window to help the birds know where it is. However, we also recommend using anti-bird strike decals, especially if you have large windows. Here is a good article on anti-strike alternatives.

Q: What about nuisance squirrels? Is your window bird feeder squirrel-proof?
A: Squirrels are amazing athletes! For best results, we recommend placing the feeder at least 4 feet high
and remove anything nearby they can jump from. If squirrels are still an issue, we recommend trying safflower or “hot pepper” bird seed. The squirrels don’t seem to care for it, but capsaicin (the ingredient that makes spicy foods feel hot) doesn’t trigger any pain receptors in birds, so they don’t mind! See our Blog for more information.

Q: Most other feeders don’t include a water source. Why did you include water in your design?
A: Birds need water, too! Their alternatives are not always sanitary. The issue is, other feeders with water don’t separate the water from the seed. Birds are messy, and the water gets dirty quickly! So, we uniquely designed ClearView Deluxe with water bays on the sides that are physically separated from the seed by an acrylic wall. This keeps the water cleaner longer. Our unique design even channels rainwater to the water bays. See our blog for more information.

Q: How can I quickly attract birds to my window bird feeder? Will they find me?
A: We suggest you place small piles of seed and/or mealworms at visible locations nearby (perhaps on deck posts or fencing). We recommend you start with both premium seed and mealworms (in separate compartments) to provide enticing options for the widest varieties, as some birds eat primarily insects instead of seed. And lastly, be patient! It may take a few weeks, but if they are around, they will find you!

Q: What seed should I use?
A: Ultimately, it depends on which birds you want to attract to your window bird feeder. We recommend against using corn and millet, as these “fillers” can attract squirrels, crows, and cowbirds. We recommend Waste Free seed for less mess if you place your window bird feeder in or near a high-traffic area. During colder months we recommend adding nuts to your mix as they are high in fat content. See our Tips and Tricks page for more details on types of feed for attracting different species.

Q: How do I attract Cardinals to my window bird feeder? We love their bright red coloring and Cardinal song!
A: Cardinals are one of our favorites too, and we love the Cardinal song and their high-pitched squeaks that announce their presence! The Cardinal is on our ClearView logo! Their favorite seed is black-oiled and striped sunflower and safflower (a bitter white seed disliked by squirrels). Cardinals can be relatively shy, so we recommend placing small piles of seed in visible areas further out to initially attract them as they get comfortable with a new feeding area and come closer to your window. See this blog for more information

Q: Is ClearView recommended as a mealworm feeder for insect loving birds like Bluebirds?
A: Absolutely! ClearView makes a great mealworm feeder for insect loving birds like Bluebirds, Wrens, Titmice, etc. We purposefully provided two separated compartments so you can use seed and/or mealworms to attract and feed a wider variety of birds. I love the brightly colored Bluebirds! The males are stunning with their tan chest and iridescent blue backs and feathers. It took them about 4 weeks to find my mealworm feeder, but when the Bluebirds found it, they now come in waves of 8-10 at a time! See this blog for more information on attracting Bluebirds.

Q: What should I do about “bully” birds trying to dominate my bird feeder?
A: The best strategies are to buy another feeder placed at a distance, so a single bird can’t keep other birds from eating and/or select seed that larger “bully” birds don’t like. Safflower seed is a good option, as Cardinals love it, but Blackbirds, Grackles, and Starlings don’t care for it (nor squirrels).

Q: Do your suction cups hold in cold weather?

A: Cold weather can be challenging for cheap suction cups. We use 4 premium Performance Ring® suction cups. My supplier says they will hold to -20°F if they are attached to a clean window and placed above 40°F.

Q: Do birds get cold in the winter?
A: That’s why many migrate (although Cardinals typically don’t migrate). However, winter is the most important time to stock your bird feeder as food is scarcest during winter months and they need energy (in the form of calories) to stay warm. 

Q: Why is ClearView more expensive than other window bird feeders?
A: We designed a solid, premium window bird feeder that should last two to three times longer than other cheaply made window bird feeders, so it’s a better value over time. We use injection-molded parts with NatureCare® instead of glued-together acrylic pieces that can fall apart in your dishwasher, and we provide 4 layers of protection for birds for a better overall value. We also include UV protection, so it won’t yellow in the sun.

Q: How are you able to embed an antimicrobial in your tray?
A: We successfully designed a special patented acrylic formula called NatureCare®. We use an injection molding process that produces two interlocking parts instead of others that use glued-together pieces of standard acrylic material.

Q: What is NatureCare®?
A: NatureCare® is our special patented acrylic formula to protect birds and extend the life of the feeder. It provides anti-yellowing and antimicrobial properties as well as resistance to heat, chemicals, detergents, and bleach. It is embedded in the acrylic, so it won’t wash or wear away and provides protection for the life of the feeder.

Q: What does the antimicrobial do?
A: The antimicrobial keeps the tray cleaner between cleanings by inhibiting growth of dangerous microbes like bacteria and mold. It is not a panacea. It doesn’t kill bacteria; but it reduces its growth, so regular cleaning is still critical to protect your birds.

Q: How do I clean via bleach?
A: Experts recommend soaking in a bleach cleaning solution of 9 parts water and 1 part bleach for 10 minutes to adequately sanitize the feeder. It is recommended you wear gloves and protective glasses when cleaning. Make sure to rinse thoroughly, as even traces of bleach can be harmful for birds. Fortunately, because the ClearView Deluxe tray is a single molded part, you don't need to worry about bleach seeping from glued together cracks and crevices. Dry completely before refilling. See this YouTube Video for more information. 

Q: Does cleaning by hand with dish soap kill bacteria?
A: Unfortunately, no. Your window bird feeder tray needs to be disinfected via bleach or sanitized in the dishwasher to effectively kill bacteria.

Q: Do you have any concerns about washing the tray in the dishwasher? How often do you recommend sanitizing it?
A: The ClearView removable tray is a single molded part, so it won’t fall apart in your dishwasher like other feeders. We recommend first removing any old seed/feed and rinsing it thoroughly outside. We recommend placing the tray in the top rack by itself every 2-3 weeks or so (or if you ever see a sick bird) using your sanitize cycle on your dishwasher up to 170 degrees. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling any bird feeder.

Q: Where is the ClearView Deluxe Window Bird Feeder made?
A: We proudly support American workers and are produced 100% in the USA.

Q: Where can I get a replacement tray (while the other is in the wash)?
A: Replacement trays are available to order on our website shop page. You can buy a regular or antimicrobial version there.

Q: How can I contact you to partner with or sell ClearView Deluxe in retail outlets or other countries?
A: You can reach us at

Q. Can I put a bird feeder outside my window? Can you hang a bird feeder from a window? Can I put a bird feeder on my window?
A. Yes! ClearView Deluxe comes with four super strong Performance Ring suction cups to adhere to your window. We strongly recommend cleaning it first to optimize the hold! Here’s a short video description of how to install.

Q. Are Window bird feeders any good? Are Window bird feeders OK? Do window feeders work?
A. Window feeders provide the best close-up viewing of your neighborhood birds! ClearView provides a 100% unobstructed view of your birds by pushing the suction cups to the sides and it is the only feeder that provides 4 Layers of Protection for bird health.

Q. Will birds feed from a window feeder? Do birds come to window feeders? Do birds like window feeders?
A. Yes! It may take a few weeks for them to find a new food and water source, but if they are around, they will find it!

Q. Where is the best place to put a window bird feeder? Where should a window feeder be placed?
A. Find a place where birds will see your feeder and you will be able to view them. You may want to consider and avoid the location of the afternoon sun if you are in warmer climates.

Q. What's the best window bird feeder?
A. ClearView Deluxe was awarded the best overall bird feeder for 2022 from ClearSightBirds!


Q. Where can I order ClearView?

A. Go to our Shop Page to order yours today. There is free shipping with orders over $50. Order one for
yourself and share one with family or a friend!

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