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ClearView Deluxe Window Bird Feeder

Finally, an innovative window bird feeder designed from the ground up with 100% unobstructed viewing and with birds' health in mind!  Feed AND Protect Them!

4 levels of protection featuring advanced NatureCare® - a unique patented acrylic formula to protect the birds and extend the life of your feeder.

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Bird Watching Made Easy!

- 100% Unobstructed Viewing
- Easy to refill with the removable tray

- Clean water source

Safest Feeding Environment Possible

- 3 Layers of Protection
- Textured perch that’s low and close to the seed so birds stay on the perch instead of in the seed.

- Drainage hole keeping seed dry

- Domed roof channels water into bays

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Easiest to Clean

- Dishwasher safe!  Just wash on the top rack.  Learn more

- Tray resistant to heat, detergent, bleach, and chemicals

- No glued together pieces!

4 premium, off-set PERFORMANCE RING® suction cups hold to your window

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Easy to Install and Refill

- 2 interlocking parts easily click into place
- Water bays are uniquely physically separated from the feed bays by an acrylic wall