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ClearView Deluxe Window Bird Feeder provides a safer feeding environment!

Our unique design of the ClearView Deluxe Window Bird Feeder significantly reduces the instances of birds jumping into the seed by over 80%!*

Why is this important for bird health?

We love our feathered friends! They provide hours of enjoyment and brighten our windows and yards. For some of us, they may even become like family.

Unfortunately, thousands of birds die every year due to Salmonella and other bird-borne diseases. Many people are unaware that poorly maintained bird feeders and birdbaths are suspected as the primary culprits for the spread of the disease, as birds congregate at these high-traffic areas and infect others.

Diseases such as Salmonella spread through contaminated fecal matter from infected birds, and sadly, many die within a day or two of being infected. Every time a bird steps into their feed it’s a potential contamination occurrence, which can then become a catastrophic disease-spreading event for other birds.

To provide the safest feeding environment possible, we designed 4 layers of protection for the ClearView Deluxe Window Bird Feeder, with the goal being to build a better, safer window bird feeder!


1) Make it super easy to clean/disinfect by integrating the perch with the removable tray and making it dishwasher safe (Can be washed by itself in the top rack of a dishwasher, or using the traditional bleach method)

2) Provide a clean, sanitary water source for birds by physically separating the feed from the water

3) KEEP THE BIRDS ON THE PERCH by designing it low and close to the feed and texturing the perch for comfort and easy gripping. We slanted the back of the tray, so the feed comes forward as it empties, so birds are less inclined to jump into the feed to get the “good stuff” in the back

4) Embed an antimicrobial to keep it cleaner between cleanings

We conducted an experiment, comparing the ClearView Deluxe window birdfeeder and a leading competitor on Amazon, spotlighting the third level of protection: Keeping birds on the perch.

We placed ClearView Deluxe side by side next to the competitive window bird feeder and filled both with identical premium seed. We recorded hundreds of feeding events with numerous species of visitors to determine if there is a difference between window bird feeder perch designs.

The Results are in!

ClearView reduced the instance of birds jumping into the seed by over 80%!

This is a significant finding that can reduce the spread of disease and save birds’ lives!

We were thrilled that the intent of our thoughtfully designed perch was validated by this research. By making purposeful changes like texturing and positioning the perch low and close to the feed, we were able to make a noticeable difference in birds’ feeding behavior - to keep them on the perch, which provides a more hygienic feeding environment for all the birds!

Together, we ALL can make a difference one feeder at a time!


“At first I wanted to see them up close, photograph, and share them. Then I wanted to protect them!”

Craig Wacaser, Founder and Inventor of ClearView Deluxe Window Bird Feeder


*Versus a leading competitor

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