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My Birding Journey

I hear them now.

I have always been fascinated with birds. However, it wouldn’t be until the COVID-19 pandemic that I would discover my true passion for birdwatching (otherwise known as “birding”). You probably remember the first lockdown in March of 2020, when few ventured out of their homes. I was working in my home office full-time, and my two sons were at college – I became an empty nester! (A term apropos for the topic…) I was feeling isolated and in need of a new fulfilling hobby.

So, I decided to put up a bird feeder in my backyard to see if I could attract some colorful visitors.

Little happened for a few weeks... Only a few small, animated birds scouted out my newly installed feeder. They were mostly bland song sparrows and house finches…but I appreciated their optimistic energy nonetheless.

Then a few more species started to visit. And the color wheel began to grow! A few Goldfinches brightened my feeder, then a couple of cute Black-capped Chickadees, and then my first bright red male cardinal (my absolute favorite)! Gorgeous!

I found my new pastime of connecting with nature to be entertaining, even therapeutic, and looked forward to seeing my new friends daily. I was eager to see which new species would visit next.

I bought a second bird feeder. This time, an acrylic window-mounted feeder to see if I could see birds up close. I bought the best-selling window bird feeder on Amazon, but came to discover that I really did not like it.

What do you notice from these pictures? You can barely see the birds because the suction cups are in the way! Why would anyone make a window feeder where the suction cups are blocking the view of the birds you want to see?

So, I decided to design a better bird feeder for my new bird friends! My focus was to design a window-mounted feeder where you could actually see the birds that come to visit (instead of trying to look around or past suction cups) – I decided to call it ClearView!

I designed a removable tray (with a built-in perch) that you can clean and sanitize. I included an anti-microbial additive in the acrylic to reduce bacteria, fungus, and molds.

Lastly, I included a much-needed water source with the feeder. With my unique design, the water bays are physically separated from the seed compartments by an acrylic wall, to keep the water cleaner longer. And I decided to use a dome-shaped top, which effectively channels rainwater into the water bays on each side.

Not only do I hear them now, I’m able to see them much more clearly, and I love how they brighten my windows daily. It feels good to know that I can offer them a clean source of food and water in the process.

In sharing my journey with you, I hope you can connect closer with nature and see the beauty they bring to your world, and appreciate them as much as I do. Birding is a fun and entertaining journey that you can share with your family and friends alike for years to come.

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