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My Birding Journey – Close Up Photos and Video

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

My interest in viewing and photographing birds led me to purchase and install a motion activated, Wi-Fi connected camera for my birthday, so I could use it with my ClearView Window Bird Feeder. It was one of the initial design reasons to clear out the suction cups so you can get a 100% unobstructed view of the birds.

I was now able to record video snapshots and take photographs of my bird visitors from super close-up!

I’ve been able to capture some beautiful pictures of birds. My favorite photos are of birds coming in for a landing with flared wings (as some say with their “air brakes fully engaged”!)

I captured this shot of a male cardinal as he came in for a magnificent landing, He gave me quite a birthday present! I love the intricacy of the wings and the levels of transparency. His feet are just about to reach out to perch on my window bird feeder.

There is a greater level of intimacy to view the birds close-up, and see their faces, stripes, colors, and the texture of their feathers. Even when they’re soggy and wet!

Below are some additional photos I’ve captured of birds coming in for landings to my window bird feeder. 3 stunning Bluebirds (my favorite photo is the low winged approach in the middle), a soaring Titmouse, and a House Finch reaching out with his feet as he approaches my feeder.

I’ve enjoyed capturing more stunning close-up pictures of other colorful and entertaining species. I love to see the beauty of these amazing creatures in flight, with their full wingspan outstretched!

My next project is to develop a purpose-built “bird cam” with an easy-to-use mobile app that will automatically notify you of a bird visitor and use AI to identify the species. The app will help you collect video and photos of your favorite birds and allow you to share your best “captures” with family and friends. I call it “My Bird Studio”.

Wish me luck on my progress!

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