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My Birding Journey – Kylo Wren!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

One day, a bird soon to be known as “Kylo Wren” appeared in my yard and then at my window bird feeder. Honestly, I didn’t even know what a Carolina Wren was… but apparently they, like Bluebirds, also love mealworms! Although nowhere near as pretty or elegant as the aforementioned Bluebirds, this new visitor made up for it with his charisma!

He decided to make my backyard his home, and he would wake me up with his singing every morning at 6:14 A.M. like clockwork! I call him my City Rooster!

He would also come hang out with me every afternoon, whenever I came out to sit on my backyard swing and take a needed break from work.

Wow, can he belt out a tune! It’s unbelievable for such a small bird! He puts his heart and soul into every note! I am not exactly sure what he is singing about…but to me it sounds like “Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!” And “Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy?” (Sometimes Jimmy responds… and replies Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy!)

When he sings you can see his throat vibrate!

Oh, and he dances… It is sort of like he bounces and raises up on one leg, then the other, and back again

– an enthusiastic, happy little bebop! It’s almost like he has ADHD, because a few seconds later he’s gone! He lets everyone know he is there and then, whoosh, he is off to another adventure somewhere.

But every afternoon, he would return to my backyard and sit on the light string near my Camelia bush. Sometimes he would sing, but often he would just sit and relax a bit for 15 minutes or so, content to hang out and watch the other birds come and go. He brought joy to my life! He was a nice companion during quarantine.

Apparently, he was also curious about my TV! Is there a bird or mealworm channel?

One day I snapped a photo of him as he was sitting on the wire. I didn’t think much of it at the time. When I looked at the photo later, I saw the light reflected perfectly off the wire... It looked like he was wielding a Star Wars lightsaber! My mind started thinking… Wasn’t there a Ren in Star Wars? Yes, Kylo Ren!

Can you see the resemblance? He looked tough with his light saber, ready to take on any hawk that may threaten him!

Hence the name Kylo! And it stuck.

Then Kylo found a mate! He gave her a tour of my yard and the available food and water sources I provided, and she accepted his advances. Apparently, I am a good wingman!

Previously, I had placed a decorative driftwood birdhouse in my front entryway. It was just for

show…the gaping hole in the front is way too big for small birds, and would offer virtually no protection from larger predators. But Kylo and his mate decided it was their new home and set it up to make baby wrens.

I became a new Dad! I am amazed by how quickly eggs become baby birds, then fledglings, and then they are off!

One day the parents are dutifully flying back and forth for food runs, then silence! Just like my two boys off at college. (Friendly reminder to call your parents today.. regardless of your age!)

Now grown, they often arrive in a pack with the teenagers flittering around or snacking at the window bird feeder while proud Kylo watches over his flock and sings for all to hear.

I will always remember Kylo as my COVID lockdown buddy. It’s great to see him and his new family continue to brighten my backyard with their antics daily.

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Great story! Love the Kylo Light Saber picture & the little baby birds

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