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Why is it important to provide
water for birds?


Birds need access to clean water, too!   They don’t always have reliable access to clean water sources, and drinking unsafe water can negatively impact their health and spread disease.

Fine restaurants everywhere provide liquid refreshment with your meal.  😉  This is ClearView Deluxe! Offering a true fine dining experience for birds worldwide!

Kidding aside, you likely provide water for your cats and dogs along with their food.  Why not your feathered friends, as well?

The few bird feeders on the market that offer available water basins have seed compartments right next to the water.  Birds are messy!  They love to thrash around in their food and dig around  (to get to the “good stuff” in the back).  Unfortunately, the water gets quite dirty with seed husks and debris within a few hours. You wouldn’t want to drink dirty water and birds don’t like it either.

ClearView Deluxe solves the water problem and allows you to provide a critical, healthy water source for your bird friends!

We designed a system that physically separates the seed from the water to keep it cleaner longer!  Finally, an innovative design that works!  And the birds use it!  You can feel confident in the safe and clean water you provide them.

We also included a domed roof design to effectively channel rainwater into the water bays.

We even made it super easy to replace clean water by angling the back of the water bays so you can easily pour the water out without losing seed.  (Please remember to wash your hands thoroughly whenever you handle a bird feeder.)

window bird feeder on window
sketch of windw bird feeder

ClearView Deluxe with NatureCare ® provides the easiest cleaning and maintenance of any window bird feeder on the market.

You can make a difference for birds’ health one feeder at a time.

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