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What is a Window Bird Feeder?

It is a feeder, generally made of acrylic or polycarbonate, that uses suction cups to mount to a window. In my opinion, it is the best way of getting closer to nature by seeing birds close up.

Window bird feeders also provide a nice option for city dwellers or people who may not have a yard to place a traditional pole feeder. Balconies and deck windows work great! Although you may want to get “Waste-Free seed” to reduce the mess from discarded seed husks in high traffic areas.

We designed a Better Window Bird Feeder - ClearView Deluxe - to provide both a 100% unobstructed view (by off-setting the suction cups) and 4 layers of protection for birds, because they become like family! We also provided a much-needed clean water source and a unique design that physically separates the water from the seed.

It is a wonderful feeling to see the birds up close, and you can feel confident in knowing you are providing the safest feeding environment available. Though you must also do your part through regular cleaning!

We made it super easy to clean by making it dishwasher safe (top rack, by itself), so now you have the option of sanitizing in your dishwasher or disinfecting via the traditional 9-to-1 water to bleach solution. Together we can make a difference, one feeder at a time!

How to choose a Window Bird Feeder?

We believe selecting a window bird feeder with a focus on bird health is critical to be good stewards of nature! It should be super easy to clean and provide a safe feeding and watering environment for your feathered friends. 

When we set out to design the Best Window Bird Feeder, we reviewed hundreds of hours of video of birds feeding and their interactions and behavior. We also talked to a lot of people about what they liked and didn’t like about their current feeders.

Here is a survey that highlights the most important features to them, and we included these features in ClearView Deluxe.

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