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Salmonella is for the Birds!

We love our feathered friends! They provide hours of enjoyment and brighten our windows and yards.
For some of us, they may even become like family. Unfortunately, salmonella is a serious bird-borne
illness, and when it hits it can spread quickly killing thousands of birds nationwide.


Many people are unaware that poorly maintained bird feeders and birdbaths are suspected as the primary culprits for the spread of disease, as birds congregate at high-traffic areas and infect others. Diseases such as Salmonella spread through contaminated fecal matter from infected birds, and sadly, many die within a day or two of being infected. Every time a bird steps into communal feed it’s a potential contamination occurrence, which can then become a catastrophic disease spreading event for other birds.


The best way to protect birds from bird-borne diseases is through regular, intensive cleaning and disinfecting of your feeder(s) via a bleach solution (9 parts water to 1 part bleach is the recommended formula). It’s a rather unpleasant process, but it is necessary to protect birds. In my experience, none of the feeders I have purchased in the past make for an easy cleaning and maintenance routine.


Finally a Better Bird Feeder Designed with Birds’ Health in Mind – ClearView Deluxe!

Because of these safety concerns, I decided to make a positive difference in our world and work to
protect birds from serious illness and disease. I pulled together a qualified team to design a better bird
feeder to provide the safest feeding environment possible.

We successfully designed a clear window-mounted bird feeder with a 100% unobstructed view and 4 layers of protection for the birds.

  1. Easy to clean and maintain with a removable tray and an integrated perch.

  2. Keep the birds on the perch instead of jumping in the seed to eat.

  3. Include a clean water source physically separated from the seed so it stays free of debris longer.

  4. Antimicrobial optional - Keeps it cleaner between cleanings

cardinal in window bird feeder

ClearView Deluxe is the first bird feeder of its kind with these 4 layers of protection, designed with birds’ health in mind!


1.   We designed a dishwasher-safe window bird feeder that is super easy to clean and maintain.ClearView has an easy-to-remove interlocking tray with an integrated perch.With our unique patented NatureCare® Technology, we developed a special acrylic formula foranti-yellowing as well as heat, detergent, bleach, and chemical resistance to extend the life ofthe feeder.

window bird feeder dishwasher safe

Regular acrylic will quickly yellow and/or haze from bleach and the heat and detergents from a
dishwasher. Even ammonia-based window cleaners like Windex are fine to use with ClearView
but are not recommended with other acrylic feeders.
There are even thumb grips to easily replace the tray to replenish and clean. ClearView should
be cleaned (by itself in the top rack) in a dishwasher on sanitize cycle, or you can use the
traditional bleach method (9-1 water to bleach solution and soak for at least 10 minutes). You
can choose which option works best for you!
We recommend you disinfect or sanitize the tray every two weeks or so to provide the safest
feeding environment for your birds. The frame can be cleaned every other cycle as needed.


2.  We provide a clean water source through our unique interlocking tray design that physically
separates the water from the seed. Birds need clean water, too! Most feeders don’t provide a water source. Why not? Don’t you have a drink with your meal? Don’t you provide water next to your dog or cat’s food bowl? It seems obvious to have fresh, clean water near their food, as their alternatives may not always be readily available or healthy.

We found that only a few feeders provide water as an option, and we learned the reason why!
They typically place the water compartment right next to the seed compartments, and birds are
messy! As such, the water gets dirty within a few hours, so most people don’t even use the
water compartments at all.
With ClearView, we solve this sanitary problem by placing our water bays on the sides, and they
are separated from the seed by an acrylic wall to keep the water fresher longer. Another benefit
is rainwater is channeled via the domed roof into the water bays!

3. To keep birds on the perch, we purposefully made a “skinny” design for the depth of the feeder tray (from the front of the perch to the window) – 3 inches for the seed compartments, compared to many on the market which are typically 4 or more inches.

Fred side look Full View.jpg

We even angled the back of the tray, so the seed comes forward towards the birds as it empties.
We designed an integrated, textured perch low and close to the feed, so the birds can eat
comfortably and not fall or jump into the seed while eating. The purpose of this unique design is
to keep the birds feeding from their perch, and not walking in the seed!
These features greatly improve the birds’ proclivity to stay on the perch to feed instead of
jumping in feet first to get the “good” seed in the back.

The results are in! Our research has shown an over 80% reduction in birds jumping in the seed
with our thoughtful design and focus on bird health. This is a significant improvement!


4.  We embedded an antimicrobial (optional) to keep the tray cleaner between cleanings. It won’t wash or wear away and provides protection for the life of the feeder. Having an antimicrobial is not a panacea; it doesn’t kill dangerous microbes. It does, however, inhibit the growth of microbes including bacteria, mold, and fungi that may be present.
Ultimately, regular cleaning/sanitization is the most effective way to provide the healthiest feeding environment.

testing antimicrobial

We are thrilled to have developed a modern design window bird feeder with 4 levels of protection
featuring Advanced NatureCare® Technology. ClearView gives you confidence knowing you are
providing the safest feeding environment available for your feathered friends. We know your birds
will appreciate you, too!
As the world around us becomes more chaotic and uncertain, one thing we can always count on is our
feathered friends that bring joy to our lives. Through it all, they’ll still be singing as they greet our day
with their cheerful optimism and song.

Together, we can make a difference one feeder at a time!