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mom and daughter watching birds in window

Cleaning and Maintenance

 We recommend you disinfect/sanitize the tray every two weeks (frame can be cleaned monthly).  Remove the tray, and clean out any remaining seed/feed/debris while outside. You then have two alternatives to sanitize/disinfect your feeder.

ClearView Deluxe with NatureCare® provides the easiest cleaning and maintenance of any window bird feeder on the market. Most bird feeders are not designed to withstand the heat and chemical detergents from a dishwasher. ClearView Deluxe was specifically designed to be the easiest feeder you’ll ever own to clean and maintain.

  • ClearView Deluxe with NatureCare® is dishwasher safe, so you can place the tray on the top shelf by itself and run on a sanitize cycle up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • If you prefer to use the traditional bleach disinfecting method, experts recommend soaking in a bleach cleaning solution of 9 parts water and 1 part bleach for 10 minutes to adequately sanitize the feeder. It is recommended you wear gloves and protective glasses when cleaning. Make sure to rinse thoroughly as even traces of bleach can be harmful for birds. Fortunately, because the tray is a single molded part, you don't need to worry about bleach seeping from glued together cracks and crevices.  Dry completely before refilling.

  • Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling ClearView or any bird feeder!

You can feel confident knowing you can protect your birds with ClearView Deluxe with NatureCare® which provides the easiest cleaning and maintenance of any window bird feeder on the market. And the antimicrobial version inhibits the growth of dangerous microbes like bacteria, mold, and fungi to keep the tray cleaner between cleanings.

But you need to do your part by regularly cleaning and sanitizing the feeder to protect your feathered friends and provide the safest feeding environment possible.

You can make a difference for birds’ health one feeder at a time.

For optimal close-up viewing, we recommend you clean your window regularly.  Thanks to NatureCare, It is ok to use ammonia cleaners on the window and on your feeder.  Simply remove the tray and wipe the window in the middle of the frame.  We even pushed out the bottom back of the frame support so you can easily clean your window behind the tray.  We've also found it useful to periodically wipe the walls that separate the water from the seed and between the suction cups as there can be water spots from the birds drinking.

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