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Birds Need Water Too!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Summer is upon us! And safe and clean water sources may not be readily available for our feathered friends.

Providing a safe and clean water source is essential for wild birds for several reasons:

  1. Hydration: Birds, like all living creatures, need water to survive. Access to clean and fresh water is crucial for birds to stay hydrated and maintain their overall health. They have high metabolic rates, and their small size makes them more susceptible to dehydration.

  2. Bathing: Birds use water for bathing, which is essential for their feather maintenance and hygiene. Bathing helps remove dirt, dust, parasites, and excess oils from their feathers, ensuring they remain clean, buoyant, and capable of insulating against the elements.

  3. Disease prevention: Dirty or stagnant water can harbor harmful bacteria, parasites, and pathogens that can adversely affect bird health. Providing a clean water source reduces the risk of disease transmission among birds. Regularly cleaning and refreshing the water helps maintain its cleanliness and prevents the accumulation of bacteria that could harm visiting birds.

birds enjoying a bird bath in a backyard

When setting up a water source for birds, ensure that it is clean, regularly maintained, and positioned in a safe and accessible location. Replace the water frequently to prevent the growth of algae and clean the water container or birdbath to maintain hygiene.

Some water source options include:

  • Bird bath – Bird baths provide water for drinking and bathing. It is entertaining to see birds bathing and preening in your yard. Unfortunately, stagnant water can also breed disease, so it is imperative the water be replaced weekly (or anytime feces are present.) Small heaters can be added in the winter to keep water from freezing to provide a year-round source.

bird enjoying a bird bath with a sprinkler

  • Fountain – Moving water attracts birds and provides a drinking source. Some designs enable a bathing option as well. However, like bird baths above, the water needs to be replaced regularly (which may be more difficult depending on the fountain size).

  • Window Bird Feeder with water – This may be a good option to provide an accessible and easy-to-maintain clean water source. Birds are messy! They love to thrash around in their food and dig around (to get to the “good stuff” in the back). Unfortunately, the water gets quite dirty with seed husks and debris within a few hours.

ClearView has an innovative design that physically separates the seed from the water to keep it cleaner longer!

Their domed roof design effectively channels rainwater into the water bays. The removable tray can also be easily cleaned and sterilized in your dishwasher.

​For more information on the first and only window bird feeder designed from the ground up with birds’ health in mind, click here. You can feel confident in the safe and clean water you provide them.

A clean water source in your backyard can act as a magnet for various bird species. Birds are attracted to the sound and sight of moving water, which signals a potential source of hydration and bathing opportunities. By providing clean water, you increase the likelihood of attracting a diverse array of birds to your yard, enhancing your bird-watching experiences, and you can make a difference for birds’ health to help them thrive!

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