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How to attract Goldfinches to your yard!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

American Goldfinches are one of the most beautiful birds in North America. Attracting Goldfinches to your yard can be a delightful way to enjoy their amazingly bright yellow plumage and cheerful song.

Here are some tips to attract these beautiful birds:

1. Attract them with their favorite seeds:

They love thistle (Nyjer) seed provided via tube feeders or socks. Place the feeder in a visible and accessible location, preferably near shrubs or trees where goldfinches can perch and feel safe.

2. To see them up close, buy a ClearView Window Bird Feeder and offer sunflower seeds. You’ll also attract House (red breast) and Purple Finches to brighten your windows as well.

3. Provide a suitable habitat:

American goldfinches prefer open areas with grasses, shrubs, and trees. Create a bird-friendly environment by planting native plants and flowers that produce seeds, such as coneflowers, sunflowers, asters, and thistles. These plants will serve as natural food sources and potential nesting sites for goldfinches.

4. Provide fresh water:

Like all birds, goldfinches require fresh water for drinking and bathing. Place a bird bath or shallow dish of water in your yard and ensure it is clean and refilled regularly. Adding a small fountain or mister can attract goldfinches, as they enjoy the sound and sight of moving water. The ClearView Window Bird Feeder provides a clean water source that is physically separated from the seed to keep it cleaner longer.

5. Avoid the use of pesticides:

American goldfinches rely on insects and spiders as a food source, especially during the breeding season when they feed their young. Minimize or eliminate the use of pesticides in your yard to preserve these natural food sources and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

6. Create shelter and nesting opportunities:

Goldfinches are known to nest in shrubs and trees. Plant dense shrubs or provide hanging baskets of twigs and soft materials to attract them for nesting. Offering nesting materials such as pet fur, plant fluff, or cotton fibers can also entice goldfinches to your yard.

7. Be patient: Attracting goldfinches may take time, as they are more common during the summer months when they breed. Be patient and consistent with your efforts, and gradually, you are likely to see these vibrant birds visiting your yard.

Remember that each bird species has unique preferences, and it may take some trial and error to find the most effective methods for attracting Goldfinches to your specific location. Enjoy the process of observing and welcoming these beautiful birds as they grace your yard with their presence. So, embark on this delightful journey, to attract these beautiful birds to your yard to brighten your days!

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